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How will this safety plan be conducted?

This planning effort will be conducted by the Billings MPO CTSP Advisory Committee with support from the Montana Department of Transportation to address safety concerns and identify strategies to address transportation safety issues within the greater Billings area. DOWL will collect and analyze relevant crash and safety data for the MPO, Yellowstone County, and Montana. The Advisory Committee and DOWL will engage the public on their viewpoints and suggestions surrounding safety and fatality reduction in the Billings community, assess current efforts, and take inventory of “best practices” of national and other community transportation safety plans to help the AC and MPO identify strategies that are achievable and aimed at reducing and preventing traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

The update effort will:

  • Analyze crash and safety data
  • Gather community input for consideration
  • Research data based on concerns and issues
  • Identify potential safety strategies
  • Determine implementation strategies
  • Identify responsible persons/agencies to carry out the strategies
  • Identify potential funding sources
  • Outline a process to track and report implementation progress
  • Facilitate approval of the Billings Community Transportation Safety Plan as determined by the MPO